20-Aug-2018Coatesville, PA +12 milesItems Wanted
Looking for maternity clothes medium and possibly some large. Can pick up. Thank you in advance
20-Aug-2018Coatesville, PA +12 milesItems Wanted
My kids and I recycle scrap wood for various building projects, our favorite is construction grade 2x4(or x6, x8, etc...), but we can use just about any type of wood. Ideally we would like some 6'-8' lengths to build our next project (loft beds!), we don't mind pulling nails out of boards, or even disassembling material to remove. If you have scrap wood lying around, we would love to put it to ...
20-Aug-2018Wilmington, DE +13 milesItems Wanted
The small exercise trampoline
20-Aug-2018Phoenixville, PA +23 milesItems Wanted
Looking for working hair dryer for small projects..thank you.
20-Aug-2018Wilmington, DE +13 milesItems Wanted
In need of clothes for fall. Please. Im on bus dependent due to foot surgery
19-Aug-2018Wilmington, DE +13 milesItems Wanted
Looking for step for doing step aerobics. Will travel. Thanks
19-Aug-2018Coatesville, PA +12 milesItems Wanted
Looking for an step for step aerobics. Willing to travel. Thanks
19-Aug-2018Calvert, MD +21 milesItems Wanted
Looking for vinyl records/LPs for my collection. If you want to get rid of records just sitting around your house I will take them off your hands.
18-Aug-2018Wilmington, DE +13 milesItems Wanted
In need of a rice cooker.
18-Aug-2018Calvert, MD +21 milesItems Wanted
Looking for 11 year old son. Watch or pedometer tracking. Thank you in advance.
17-Aug-2018Phoenixville, PA +23 milesItems Wanted
Anyone have a rack they don't need anymore? Doesn't matter what condition. I want it for displaying clothing for sale at flea markets. Thank you.
16-Aug-2018Coatesville, PA +12 milesItems Wanted
Having a rough time making ends meet this week. I am in need of pull ups and diapers and a few grocery items. I am in NEED of whole milk, size 4t pull ups and size 4 diapers. I don t know what I will do if I can t find someone to help me. This is my last resort as I don t have any family in the area.
16-Aug-2018Coatesville, PA +12 milesItems Wanted
I salvage and scrap electronics, computers and appliances. Willing to pick up.
15-Aug-2018Wilmington, DE +13 milesItems Wanted
Please let me know if you have a clean or new one available
15-Aug-2018Wilmington, DE +13 milesItems Wanted
I have a sweet, lovely one year old bottle and hand raised grey squirrel who seems to be ready for a non release female grey squirrel partner. Mischief is played with daily and well cared for. He has a 9 foot tall cage in my green house with a 9 foot hollow tree section in the middle. Willing to send pictures and my info, and pick up female squirrel.
15-Aug-2018Wilmington, DE +13 milesItems Wanted
I would appreciate it .
15-Aug-2018Wilmington, DE +13 milesItems Wanted
Any size is appreciated.
15-Aug-2018Coatesville, PA +12 milesItems Wanted
If you've recently moved in, welcome to the area! I need your gently used moving boxes.... as many as you have. Best if they have at least one side that is 18". The bigger the better actually. Can take many at once.
15-Aug-2018Phoenixville, PA +23 milesItems Wanted
Looking for 1/2 PVC pipe for kids projects. Length 1 foot or longer. Thanks
15-Aug-2018Phoenixville, PA +23 milesItems Wanted
I salvage and scrap broken appliances and e-waste. Willing to pick-up and will recycle as much as is possible.
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